A Slut's first Adult Theater Experience
So I meet this guy in a yahoo chat room one night, he had an interesting name, so I figured I wouldn't blow him off like the endless amounts of freaks I normally meet. "TampaBukkake" was his name. He tells me the meaning of Bukkake and invites me to join his club. I decide to go into the photo section and see what this club is all about. In there were pictures from "Tampa_video_man" of countless women being creamed on, on their faces, breasts, hair, even in their eyes! Now this was nothing I'd ever given any serious thought to, so it took me by surprise. After the shock wore off, I found myself becoming aroused, all these men showing their erotic gratitude to these women by shooting their hot cum on them, as if it were a prize of some sort. 
A few weeks later, TampaBukkake invites me to have a few drinks with him. By this point, I'm so intrigued by this whole sex game, I agree. We meet at a local bar and after several glasses of wine, he suggests checking out the local adult theater. I had been there before, but only touched the person I was there with, so I'd assumed this is how it always is. He assures me nobody will touch me unless I want it, all I have to do is sit and watch the movie. The moment I sit down on the flat, worn pleather couch, a crowd of zombie-like men surround us. I'm both scared and aroused. 

The girl on the movie screen is getting fucked doggy style while another guy has his huge manhood in her mouth. I can feel myself beginning to moisten between my legs. Suddenly, TampaBukkake whispers in my ear that I should touch myself if I like the movie. The combination of alcohol and stirring endorphins takes away all my inhibitions and I lift my skirt and spread my legs. The men move in closer and I can hear the stroking of cocks all around me. TB (TampaBukkake) tells them all to stand back and don't touch me.  

They all obey, and step back and watch as I move my panties to the side and begin rubbing my hardened clit. I dip my middle finger into my slippery cunt for added moisture, then I bring my fingers to my mouth and lick them. Mmmmm, I do love the taste of pussy! I bring my hand back between my legs and rub my clit furiously, throwing my head back to find several men standing behind me with their beautiful cocks in hand. Suddenly I feel a hand on my knee and before I could see who it was, TB announced we were out of there.

Someone had broken the rules and touched me. Lightheaded, I got to my feet and followed him through the curtains and out the front door. I caught my breath and he asked if I was willing to go back in, I shrugged hastily at first, then firmly said yes. This time, we stood in the back of the theater. A very tall man told TB that I had beautiful tits, so, TB proudly opened my blouse exposing my lace covered tits to the man. He touched one and TB told him that was as far as he could go. I studied the screen as the chick was riding a nice hard cock. Suddenly I felt TB's hand slide between my thighs and within seconds, he had his fingers inside of me. 

I rubbed my clit as he finger fucked me. I began gyrating on his hand until I came, screaming and moaning in ecstasy. When I opened my eyes again, there was a crowd around us once again, only this time, we had a body guard, the big guy who liked my tits. I looked him admiringly and pulled my bra down, exposing my bare breasts for him. TB then grabbed my hair and pulled me down in front him. I squatted and found his hard cock out of his pants. I instinctively licked the head and began rubbing his balls. I did this until he could take no more and he pushed my head onto him, shoving his cock deep into my throat. I gagged at first, then relaxed and let it slide into my mouth, in and out. I sucked it like an ice pop, enjoying the taste of his salty precum. Then he grabbed my hand and unable to look, I could feel a dick in my palm. 

I began stoking it slowly as I licked and sucked TB. It was nice and wet with precum, making it a pleasure to rub. I was able to glance up and see my body guard standing close by, so, as if I owed him something, I grabbed his ready cock and got a firm grip and stroked him as well. I had perfect rhythm going, sucking and stroking all 3, listening to the girl in the movie getting her tight ass fucked and several men around me stroking their cocks in my honor. Then TB pushed my head off his cock and shot his hot load onto my tits. I let go of the other 2 cocks and rubbed it all over my hardened nipples, as I rubbed it, I could feel more cum shooting on me, then someone else moved closer and came on my tits as well. 

Just the sound of all that moaning made me so fucking excited. I looked up and begged for more. I lost count somewhere after 6. One could almost see the movie reflection off of my cum glistening breasts. After they all thanked TB for bringing me there, I went to clean off. I looked in the mirror in the run down bathroom and rather than feeling dirty (as my upbringing would suggest) I felt so vibrant and alive. I met TB outside in front of the theater and he asked what I thought of the whole experience... 

I grinned and replied, "I think I could do this again"...

- The Founder's Slut
Her Second Trip to the dark porn theaters!
It was a Wednesday evening and I logged on to see who was on line. Low and behold, there was TampaBukkake. He asked what I was doing tonight, I said nothing planned. He asked if I would like to be his slut at the theater and said he would invite a friend for me to play with. He informed me that this friend was very dominating and would like to use me as well. After a day of watching cheezy porn clips on the net and masturbating, I was ready for some real fun so I agreed. 

We met in front of the theater at 9PM. His friend was running late but said to go on inside, he would find us when he got there. I was dressed as instructed, a short skirt and button down shirt (for easy access to my tits) and, of course, no panties. We sat down and the guys immediately sniffed me out and surrounded us. 

I was a little more comfortable this time, so I was glad to grab the first cock in my face and stroke it. TB lifted my skirt and began rubbing my wet cunt, then putting his fingers in my mouth. Suddenly, a very large, masculine guy, sat down beside me and I was introduced to TB's friend. He put his hand on my knee and immediately began instructing me on which cocks to suck. I hesitated and he pulled my hair back hard and told me to be a good slut and do it. I felt a flow of pure ecstasy shoot right from the roots of my hair to my toes and back up, stopping between my legs. I became a drone and did as I was told. I sucked that dick hard, stoking it at the base, teasing the head with my tongue. Then another cock appeared in my face and I was instructed to "make that man happy now". I instinctively let go of the other cock and grabbed this one. I gave him equal pleasure. Then, after a couple more quality blow jobs were distributed, another one was presented to me, it was HUGE!

Mmmmmmm, I was really loving this one, I used both hands to stroke it, cup his balls, sucking it furiously. I could feel hands all over me, on my tits, on my head and in my cunt. TB then told me to stand up and bend over the seat, he wanted to show my pussy off to all these gentleman. I was so wet and horny I jumped right up. As I nestled my elbows on the back of the chair, another cock found its way into my mouth, so like a good slut, i took it. 

"WHAP"! Someone was spanking my ass! "Yeah, that's it, make that ass hurt" someone exclaimed. I heard TB say "yeah, she's a good slut, she likes that". With every smack I let out a whimper and sucked that cock with a vengeance. I reached up and grabbed 2 more, rubbing them to the sounds of near orgasm all around me. One of my masters asked me if I liked that big cock I was sucking a minute ago. I was able to mutter "Oh YES!". "Do you want him to fuck you?". Now I let out a full fledged moan, begging "YESSSSS". "Good girl, keep taking care of those cocks in your face and if you're good you'll get fucked hard". With this inspiration, I was on a mission. I had all 3 in my face, taking turns, licking them, sucking them and stroking them. After a few more spanks, my ass was numb, it felt soooo good. I felt hands on my ass and someone was fingering me. The hands all left my rear and I assumed they were making way for the big cock. 

He was all suited up and ready to fuck. I prepared myself for that big beautiful cock to slide deep into my pussy when I felt hands spreading my ass open. My mouth was full of cock and I had no time to protest. I let out a slight scream as he slid that cock right into my tight asshole, and the blow jobs ceased. Getting my ass reamed was now my one and only objective. "Pull her hair, she likes that" instructed TB. And he did. I reached down between my legs and began rubbing my hardened clit as the mystery man fucked my ass harder, more cock sliding in with every thrust. 

I was biting the seat to keep from screaming like an animal when I was ordered to suck one of the willing cocks in my face. I could hardly catch my breath, but I was able to say, "I'll bite it if he puts it in my mouth". As if I had a bomb or something, they all moved away from my face. I wanted to laugh, but the intense fucking was overbearing. He grabbed my hips and really pounded it now. I was taking it all while rubbing myself harder and faster. They were all cheering him on like sports fans "Give it to her", "Fuck that ass". And for me, "Take that cock bitch", and "You know it feels good". And it sure did! I was in another place, not that drab, shoddy little theater, but paradise. 

I was about to cum and I felt the need to tell my new fuck friend about it. "I'm gonna cum so fucking hard", I yelled.  "Cum with me baby", exclaimed the cock-man. From the bottom of my spine emerged this intense explosion. I writhed and gyrated as he held his meat deep in my ass. I hated the thought that he had to pull it out, I was loving the feeling of that huge dick in my ass. Then the reality hit and as if someone turned off the lights, I was back in the dark theater. I turned and sat down (very gently). I looked at my master and muttered, "Remind to bring a bottle of water next time, will Ya?".

- The Founder's slut
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